In a challenging economy, managers have to be more thoughtful and strategic than ever about managing their organizational performance. Charting your course to success requires smart decision making and critical planning today. We critically analyse previous years balance sheets, thoroughly go through the existing balance sheets and after the critical examination we try to make the Balance Sheets presentable So that they can be further processed and funds can be easily raised. At Neusource you'll get the essential advice you need to keep your company performance on track in tough times and beyond that to bring today's managers and professionals the fundamental information they need to stay competitive in a fast-moving world. From the preeminent thinkers whose work has defined an entire field to the rising stars who will redefine the way we think about business, here are the leading minds and landmark ideas that have established Resource.

However, A financial statement review is a service under which we obtain limited assurance that there are no material modifications that need to be made to an entity's financial statements for them to be in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework (such as GAAP or IFRS). A review does not require us to obtain an understanding of internal control, or to assess fraud risk, or other types of audit procedures. Consequently, a review does not provide us with assurance that we have become aware of all the significant matters that would normally have been discovered and disclosed in an audit.