Stock Audit

Stock Audit is an area of specialization and core competence for Ruchi Anand & Associates. Internal Audit Services are our best because of our unparallel reach and all India network. Assets e.g. Stocks and physical assets such as raw materials are important real assets and need repeat watch. As a large number of companies are operating across the borders through multiple locations, some even with various channel partners, ensuring this watch is a challenge. We offer our focused services to companies to keep them assured of their physical assets.

Our special Stock Audit team follows a strict audit and reporting mechanism that strives for best and makes sure that each minute aspect of stocks is evaluated and findings are reported in a transparent manner to levels concerned. Stock audits are also undertaken for banks and other financial institutions which have extended credit to businesses against physical goods and assets. We have big enough network throughout India for quick and simultaneous audits at multiple locations.

We take full care to provide you with comprehensive and most accurate figures of inventories. During this audit, all the records of purchase, sale and movements of stock is taken carefully.