Brand Names or specific product names are everywhere, it’s almost justified to say that we are part of a world where brands flow with the wind. Brand names not only give identity to your enterprise but also serve as a beacon of your reputation. Hence protecting one’s Brand names is as important as protecting your business. Experts at the company not only help get you a trademark but also help you be in compliance with the Trademark laws of the countries.

The business description is also skillfully drafted in order to satisfy a broader business requirement of the client. After filing the trademark, we prosecute the application through the different procedures and objections of Trademark Registry; and oppositions from Business opponents. In cases, where a competitor tries to take undue advantage of a client’s brand name by filing an application for a similar mark; we assist our client in filing for the opposition, in order for the client to achieve effective Trademark protection and management.

Trademark Prosecution Wing:
  • Trademark Searches (including global search)
  • Trademark advises
  • Trademark Filing
  • Trademark Prosecutions
  • Trademark Watch
  • Filling Opposition against Trademark Application
  • Response to Office Action